How can my property start using Gretor booking?

You can apply to use Gretor booking online at

- When you apply to use Gretor booking, you will be forwarded to the set-up section. You will also receive an email containing your login information, which you can use for future logins to your setup panel.This 15 minute set-up phase needs to be completed to create your booking engine.

- Once the set-up phase has been completed and approved by our staff, your property will be ready to receive bookings.

(If you want to use Gretor booking on your website as your online booking engine, you will need to install a Gretor booking calendar control box on your website to allow guests to access your booking engine. We will send you an e-mail containing a selection of these calendar control boxes. You need to choose one of these and request that we install it on your website. Alternatively, your webmaster can do this for you.)

Meanwhile, we will send you the link to your property admin panel where you can manage all relevant information concerning your property, including inventory, rates and other settings.

The set-up phase requires minimum input to get your booking engine started. You can then continue to input further information about your property in your admin panel.

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