Can I transfer an existing domain to Gretor?

If you want to use an exisitng domain of yours as part of your Gretor order rather than register a new one you simply need to select transfer on the domain page when placing your order and enter your ... View

How do I renew my domain?

Your domain will automatically be renewed with Gretor as long as you have an active account in our billing center. You can access your account to view your renewal date at ... View

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain points a new domain name to the same directory that your primary account points to.How to setup a parked domainIf you registered your domain with someone besides Gretor, make sure that ... View

What is an addon domain?

An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on your primary domain but it appears as if it is hosted on it's own account. If you were toaddon "", a user browsing to your site will ... View