Can I add my own CGI scripts?

Our LINUX web servers have the capability to run CGI scripts in your own 'cgi-bin' directory. Scripts may be written in Perl and CGI languages. Here are some helpful tips to follow when installing ... View

Can I transfer an existing domain to Gretor?

If you want to transfer a domain name over to Gretor you must make sure of the following: - The domain is over 60 days old. - The email address on file with the registrar is one that you can receive ... View

Can I upgrade to another package?

If you are interested in upgrading your Gretor package you can do it under your control panel or contact our support team at: support (at) ... View

Do we offer SSL Certificates?

A shared SSL Certificate is provided with every Gretor account. Private SSL Certificates are available to purchase from Gretor through your Control panel at any time. Please click on Digital ... View

Do you support Java?

Yes we support Java Script on our shared and dedicated servers. We also support Java Server Side on our dedicated plans. For further information please email our technical team at: support (at) ... View

Do you support JBoss?

Yes, we support JBoss on our dedicated server plans, Tomcat also needs to be installed on the server for this application to run. For further information please contact our technical team at support ... View

Do you support SFTP?

SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access to be able to use SFTP. ... View

Does Gretor support PostgresSQL?

PostgresSQL is not currently supported by Gretor at this time, however, we do offer MySQL and MSSQL. Please contact our sales team on sales (at) for further information. ... View

Is file sharing allowed with Gretor?

Gretor doesn't normally allow file sharing websites, because we are not in the business of hosting and serving files. It really depends on the type of files you're wanting to add to your account and ... View

Is IMAP supported?

IMAP is enabled by default on the shared hosting server plans, there is no configuration required from within cPanel. In your email program you would use IMAP instead of POP3. Use your full email ... View

What does Gretor charge for hosting?

Normal rates for the JustPlan hosting plan are: 36-month term: €3.95 a month (billed €142.20 for 3 years) 24-month term: €4.95 a month (billed€118.80 for 2 years) 12-month terms: €5.95 a month ... View

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate verifying your identity. Without an SSL certificate your visitors will get a warning message in their web browser. Every Gretor plan includes a shared SSL ... View