How do I activate SSL in osCommerce?

In order to configure osCommerce to work with SSL please open the file public_html/catalog/includes/configure.php and make the following changes: define('HTTP_SERVER', ''); // ... View

How do I create a redirect for my site?

These rules should be added to your .htaccess file located in your public_html folder. This rule will redirect all none SSL traffic to the SSL (https) portion of your site: RewriteEngine On ... View

How do I perform a trace route?

Traceroute (tracert) works by sending a packet to an open UDP port on a destination machine. For the initial three packets, traceroute sets the TTL (see explanation of TTL) to 1 and releases the ... View

How do I reset my password for osCommerce?

osCommerce uses .htaccess and .htpasswd format files to manage the protection on the admin section of your shop. If you want to change the password or username associated with the admin section, you ... View

How do I setup custom php.ini settings?

We have recently updated many of our shared hosting servers to php 5 with phpSuExec enabled. This update was essential for security and allows our customers to take advantages of all the new features ... View

How to Stop A Directory Index From Being Shown

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you will have no index file in your directory. This will, of course, mean that if someone types the directory name into their browser, a full listing of all the ... View

HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error

If you installed a new script and are getting the 500 error trying to load the page please see this document first as you might need to turn register globals on. How do I setup custom php.ini ... View

Is PHP compiled with 'enable-calendar'?

Web Calendar is available to install under 'Other Services' in the 'Fantastico' feature under the 'Software/Service' menu in your cPanel account. Simply click on the name of the script and then 'New ... View