Do we offer SSL certifications ?

A shared SSL Certificate is provided with every Gretor account. Private SSL Certificates are available to purchase from Gretor through your Control panel at any time. Please click on Digital ... View

Do you support SFTP?

SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access to be able to use SFTP. ... View

How do I cancel my account ?

With Gretor you can cancel your account at ANYTIME.The easiest way to do this is to email us at billing (at) let us know if you have experienced any specific problems with our ... View

How do I pay an invoice ?

You can pay an invoice by logging into using your billing username and password. In the 'Billing & Service' section click 'View Invoices' and then 'Pay'. If there is no credit card ... View

How do I pay with PayPal ?

When you are placing your order with Gretor you are given the option to pay by credit card or PayPal. Simply select PayPal and once you are happy with your order, you will be redirected through to the ... View

How do I update my contact information ?

You can update your billing contact information in your billing account at using your billing username and password. From the 'Client Area' section select 'My Details'. ... View

How do I view my information in your system?

You can view all of your personal and billing information at Your login information can be found in your Gretor welcome email. If you do not have access to this information, please ... View

How do I view my invoices ?

You can view your invoices by logging into using your billing username and password. In the 'Client Area' section click 'My Invoices'. ... View

I've lost my control panel/billing logins

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. When you fill in your registered email address (and answer your account security question if set), you will be sent instructions on how to reset ... View

If I cancel my account, can I reactivate it?

Your account can be reactivated by Gretor if you cancel it. If you originally cancelled within the first 30 days of service, we would re-charge your account for the amount that we refunded to you. If ... View

What does Gretor charge for hosting?

Normal rates for the JustPlan hosting plan are: 36-month term: €3.95 a month (billed €142.20 for 3 years) 24-month term: €4.95 a month (billed€118.80 for 2 years) 12-month terms: €5.95 a month ... View