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Guests from all around the world will be able to find and book your accommodation through this Hotel Search Engine. This will contribute to increase your bookings.

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PPC Management, SEO, Media Buing Etc.

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Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Web SMS service. In addition, the FAQs on our support pages contain more information on how best to use Web SMS.

Most Popular Articles

 What is the maximum php upload file size on your servers?

The maximum php upload file size is 2 MB on our shared hosting servers. A higher file size is...

 Can I set 'always populate raw post data' in the php.ini file?

By default, this feature is off. You can email support (at) and request this feature...

 Do I get a Site Seal when I purchase an SSL Certificate?

Yes you do receive a Site Seal when you purchase an SSL Certificate.

 Do we support ffmpeg?

Gretor's dedicated hosting plans allow any application to be installed including ffmpeg. It is...

 Is IMAP supported?

IMAP is enabled by default on the shared hosting server plans, there is no configuration required...