- Web & Digital Marketing ServicesWhat is a Hotspot Gateway?

A hotspot gateway is a device that provides authentication, authorization and accounting for a wired or wireless network. Typically they are used to control access to the Internet on a public wireless network. A hotspot gateway can also be used for guest user connectivity by offering instant Internet access without the need for configuration changes to the network setup of the client computer or any resident client-side software.

Delight your customers with WiFi that remembers them

Our 10-second sign in keeps your customers happy and free from long passwords. Brand the experience, recognise previous customers and display promotions.

Engage with the right customers at the right time

Personalised, automated and event-driven marketing: Design and send unlimited emails to the data your WiFi collects. Convert new customers into loyal business and track everything with one easy to use interface.

Why gretor Hotspot?

Access Anytime & Anywhere - Web & Digital Marketing Services

We use a cloud based solution, therefore you can view our system anytime and anywhere with internet connection. You may make changes to the system anytime and it would automatically sync when it goes online.

Real Time WIFI Analytics - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesReal Time Reports to keep you up-to-date with who’s in your venue right now! It also gives you valuable insights like Demographics and Visits and many more!

Your Brand’s Login Page - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesBe able to customize your Login Page with your brand. It’s a simple drag and drop system that you don’t need technical knowledge to do and it’s responsive and works with all devices.

Redirect Customers - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesAfter logging in, you can redirect your Customers to any webpage. It could be Review Sites (e.g. TripAdvisor, Zomato), Online Features (WhenInManila), Your Website, Contest, Menu etc.!

Email Database - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesThru gretor E-mailer Service, you are able to collect email addresses of your customers (with permission) to send promotional emails to. Perfect for newsletters, updates and events!

Advertise your Brand - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesThere’s 4 ways to advertise in our system, thru Logins, Splash page (aka Login page), Redirect page and our Automated Vouchers. These methods will help you drive more sales to your business!

Marketing Support - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesWe’d love to ensure that your customers know about it, we’ll be supporting you with promotional materials that will help you get more logins.

Child Friendly WiFi - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesFilter out Porn, Malicious and Virus filled websites in your WiFi! Our partner, Internet Watch Foundation, filters our content and ensures that the internet is safe and child friendly.

We Can Scale - Web & Digital Marketing ServicesNo matter how big your venue is we can do it. Our solution easily scales up as the area becomes bigger. From the small cafes and stores to the biggest malls or hospitals, we can do it.

How gretor Hotspot WiFi Works

Log-in – The business benefits start the instant a customer logs on to your Wi-Fi. A log on page that you can personalise means you can target customers with special offers or upsell activity.

Collect – Wireless Social collects customer data in a safe, secure and legal manner. The data is collected in the background and collated so it’s ready and waiting for you when you come to action your next targeted marketing campaign.

Report – Knowledge is power, so knowing who your customers are and what they get up to is key to driving repeat business and getting the most from your marketing and promotions. Our system reports all the customer data like Name, Phone, E-mail, Country, Ip & Mac Address and more.

Promote – So, you’ve collected all the data you need. What next? When you are ready to use the data our system is ready to help. For example, you could set about creating specially tailored email or SMS to different segments of your customer base.

Features Overview - Web & Digital Marketing Services

  • Responsive login page – Customizable login page for your hotspot
  • Custom thank you page – Create a custom “Thank You” page that users are connected to
  • Successful Redirect – Redirect connected users to a URL of your choice after users connect
  • User Data Collection –  Collect data through user authentication & create customized marketing campaigns
  • Campaign builder – Create custom branded WiFi login experiences for customers
  • Data ExportExport your connected user data and metrics for further analysis
  • SMS Authentication – Send Out Verifying Code via SMS for Authentication Purposes
  • Content filtering – Manage the kind of content end users can see when browsing their network
  • Connection Control – Easily manage and control your Wi-Fi networks and the list of your Wi-Fi users
  • Bandwidth Control – Limit bandwidth for connected users with just a few clicks
  • Limit Session time – Set a maximum time limit for connected WiFi users
  • Remote monitoring –  All your access points in real time in one or multiple locations, on cloud-based dashboard
  • Roaming Between Your Locations – Once users gain access they stay connected to other location of yours
  • Wireless Bridges – Predictable outdoor gigabit speeds with reliability of 99.999% outdoor availability
  • Line Bonding – Multiple ADSL or VDSL combined to deliver greater download and upload speeds
  • Plug-and-Play Cloud Controller SetupUbiquiti UniFi pre-flashed devices
  • System Updates – We’re dedicated to keep updating, improving the system and adding new features
  • Wireless Network installation & Support - Web & Digital Marketing Services

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