Sometime you want to make sure that your SMS will really, really reach your recipient within few seconds. It might be urgent matter or information valid for a limited time only (and by limited time we mean hours or even minutes!).

Although we try to guarantee delivery time under 5 seconds, seldom situation where there’s a high SMS traffic in one or two mobile operators may occur. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you a solution that omits such SMS ‘traffic jam’ and sends your text within a blink of an eye.

How to?

To send a message of Fast SMS type we apply distinctive connections with the operators, that is why it is possible to send this kind of message only to a certain telephone number (sending a message to several numbers will be send by means of a conventional dispatch channel). Therefore, Fast SMS cannot be used to send Bulk SMS (it is forbidden to use fast channel to send messages with advertising content – any attempts of such kind won’t pass). Sensing Fast SMS is possible through our online SMS gateway and Gretor SMS Web interface.

If you have any extra questions feel free to contact us.

Service fees

As this is premium type of service, higher service fee rate applies – Messages of this kind are billed according to this formula: 1 Fast SMS is equal to 1.5 standard SMS rate.

Example: 1 Fast SMS to Orange France (0.060 euro) = 1.5 x 0.060 = 0.090 euro.

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