marketing-seo-iconSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

When someone enters a word or phrase in a search engine such as Google, it returns a list of websites it believes to be most relevant and displays them in order of importance. As search engines evolve, less and less room is available for organic results – ads, local search and news mentions occupy all but the first few lines of real estate.

Putting you ahead of your competition

These days consumers use search engines as their first method of research before making a purchase. Think about it – where is the first place you look when trying to find out more information about a product or service?

If you said “online” then you just answered your own question about whether SEO services are right for you. Most users click on the results they find on the first page and don’t bother looking at the other pages of search results. With search engine optimization we can move your website up higher in search results!

– Google AdWords is not enough
– “Good” and “unique” are not enough
– Links you build yourself are not enough

You don’t have to buy links or only ads… You can reach people organically

marketing-seo-icon1Is SEO Dead?

Google released two major updates to their algorithm in the last few years that dramatically changed the landscape of Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of these updates was to stop those who game the system, making their sites look relevant to the search engines when they really aren’t.

Maximize your visibility

Search engine optimizers are in a constant state of evolution, continually adjusting their processes and learning to maximize success. They want to rank well at all costs, but Google’s goal is to make the good guy win―she who has the most relevant and accurate information and who is providing their searchers with the greatest value.

It takes a lot of time, experience, and a keen understanding of how Google’s algorithm works to be successful with SEO. It changes often, and it will continue to change as search engine optimizers develop new methods to trick Google’s algorithm. You can’t just rely on being the good guy; you have to prove to Google that you deserve to be at the top of the rankings.


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