Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

  • To start sending SMS campaigns with Gretor SMS simply create an account. New accounts receive free texts for tests.
  • Charge your account using online payment (PayPal, credit card) or bank transfer. Minimum purchase is € 10. And all purchased credits have no expiration date.
  • Start sending campaigns. You can use our user friendly web interface or connect through our API. In both cases you’ll be able to send your first campaigns within few minutes after registering an account.

Is registering an account free of charge?

Yes, you can register an account absolutely for free and it takes less than 5 minutes. You can register your account here.

Do I have to sign any contract?

No, as we offer pay-as-you go account you don’t have to sign any contract. All you need to do is to create an account and charge it. That’s all.

How to charge my account?

To charge your account go to Payments section in Gretor SMS Customer panel. Charge your account using online payment (PayPal, credit card) or bank transfer. Minimum purchase is € 10. And all purchased credits have no expiration date.

I’ve made a bank transfer, but credits have not yet been added to my account.

It takes more time to charge your account via bank transfer than through PayPal or credit card. After such payment bank needs few days to book such payment on our bank account. If you’re waiting more than 5 days – please send us confirmation of transfer (Proof-of-Payment) to contact (at) and include your login in this message. We’ll charge your account as quick as possible.

I’ve paid using online payment services, but points have not yet been added to my account.

If payment was made using online payments, it can take up to 1 hour to credit your account. If you’ve been waiting longer than one hour please contact us at contact (at)

How many characters can I use in my SMS campaings?

It is possible to send concatenated SMS that contains maximum six parts (message is shown on telephone as one). Here you can find maximum number of allowed characters in a message: SMS without special characters:

  • 1 message – max. 160 characters
  • 2 messages – max. 306 characters
  • 3 messages – max. 459 characters
  • 4 messages – max. 612 characters
  • 5 messages – max. 765 characters
  • 6 messages – max. 918 characters

SMS with special characters:

  • 1 message – max. 70 characters
  • 2 messages – max. 134 characters
  • 3 messages – max. 201 characters
  • 4 messages – max. 268 characters
  • 5 messages – max. 335 characters
  • 6 messages – max. 402 characters

Does Gretor SMS takes any additional fees for using Customer Panel?

No, Gretor SMS never charges (and NEVER will charge) their users for using Customer Panel. We charge our clients ONLY for sent messages or HLR lookups.

How can I add and activate my own Sender name?

Log in to your account and click “Add sender name” on Quick Navigation bar in Dashboard view. Enter sender ID you’d like to use. Our consultant will check whether selected name can be registered for you (in rare cases we might ask you for additional documents that will confirm your rights to selected name) and will activate selected name. We will inform you about name activation in email message.

How long can be Sender name?

Sender ID can be up to 11 characters long. You can use A-Z, a-z and 0-9 characters. Using any phone number as a Sender name isn’t allowed.

Some reports have status set to SENT instead of DELIVERED. What does that mean?

It means that message was sent to an operator, but we didn’t receive delivery report. It is highly possible that the message is already delivered, but we are waiting for a report from operator. It can also mean that number is out of range or recipient’s SMS box is full.

I’m a private person. Can I become your client?

Gretor SMS service is dedicated to companies that use SMS communication for their marketing or other business purposes, that’s why we don’t offer private accounts on Gretor SMS platform.

Have you any question that is not listed? Contact us.

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