HLR Look-up – Number Validation

Easy way to check number validity

Gretor SMS HLR LookupHLR (Home Location Register)

Anyone with some experience in Bulk SMS campaigns is aware that not all recipient numbers are valid or active. HLR Look-up helps you to reduce costs of campaigns by cleaning up your mobile number lists.

How Number Validation works

Τhree methods of checking the number: single, bulk from file and using API interface.

When you send us query we’re asking mobile network’s Home Location Register (that’s where HLR shortcut comes from) to provide us information about specific mobile number, in return we can receive:

  • Basic information whether selected number is valid or not (it can be never registered or deactivated)
  • Identification of temporary issues, like turned off phone
  • Information whether mobile number was ported from one network to another
  • Information about current mobile provider that selected number belongs to

See how it works – HLR Look-up ##TODO## Check our Number Validation service – free of charge. Simply type your mobile number you wish to check, and we’ll give you HLR feedback instantly. ##TODO##

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