§1 Statutory provision
User – a company who has an active account in the Gretor sms system.
Account – a profile created by the Gretor sms service containing user/company data.
1. Gretor Ltd –  is the company owner of the Gretor sms service.

§2 Accounts.
1.One person can have no more than one account. It is forbidden to pass login or password to third parties.
2.If there is no account activity for 6 months or more account may be removed/cancelled.
3.The account will be removed including purchased credits if user brakes any of the rules.
4.User is free to terminate or cancel the use of the Service at any time, for any reason, provided, that Gretor sms is notified, in writing, of any such termination. The Termination Form is available on Gretor sms website.
5.Every new account is obliged to be verified by Gretor sms service administration. The administrator has power to reject the account registration. In this case, the user will be notified.
6.The user agrees to receive messages and e-mails to his/her e-mail box from Gretor sms service concerning any updates or changes in the service.

§3 Service.
1.Service shall not be used against the law.
2.User shall not send any messages that are offensive, vulgar and against the Country’s Law where the message is delivered.
3.User shall not impersonate or act as a different person. He/She shall not use phone numbers and send messages to people from whom He/she did not get their consent to do so.
4.User shall not use Gretor sms service to fill up recipient’s sms box (sending twenty messages during one day to one person, without giving senders name – e.g. using irrelevant name instead of sender’s phone number, company name/ web site). Such cases will be individually investigated.
5.Gretor sms service shall not be used as SPAM (sending messages in the form of any kind offers to people who did not agree to get them is not allowed)

§4 Payments.
1. Payments are made using credits bought from Gretor sms Service. Detailed prices and coverage can be found on http://sms.gretorcom
2. Payments can be made via “PayPal”, “MoneyBookers” or “Bank transfer”.
3. Credits are collected when sending each message according to the following pattern: Without special characters:

1 SMS – max. 160 characters
2 SMS – max. 306 characters
3 SMS – max. 459 characters With special characters:
1 SMS -max. 70 characters
2 SMS – max. 134 characters
3 SMS – max 201 characters

4. System collects credits for sending each SMS, depending on message length. The number of taken credits might change for different networks. User will be informed about the amount of credits deducted with a suitable statement on a Gretor sms main page. Moreover, each time user is informed about the number of credits to be deducted when the message is being prepared. 5. Gretor sms service prices are subject to change.

§5 Guarantee:
1. Gretor sms does its best to satisfy customer needs. However, Gretor sms does not guarantee to deliver each message due to network failures, connection problems or network overloads, etc.
2. Gretor sms constantly monitors its service operations. Furthermore, Gretor sms owns additional sms gates will be used as backup systems in case of a breakdown.

§6 Responsibility:
1. User is fully responsible for the character, type, content and the sender box of the message.
2. In case of the law violation Gretor sms service will provide user data to the Police or court.

§7 Prohibited Content:
1. No content prohibited by laws permitted.
2. No mass distribution of messages containing collection notices, religious preaching, threats to kill or harm, solicitations to donate money, merchandise, services or blood is allowed.
3. No SMS traffic generated by adult services or Web sites, including adult chat, pornographic, or prostitution, or escort is permitted, including threads with messages not meant to promote such services.

§8. Restrictions:
1. Bulk sending to the same subscriber number is unlawful and prohibited.

§9 Security:
1. Gretor sms service is constantly monitored and protected against unauthorized access.
2. Gretor sms service will never request or send messages to its customers asking to reveal their password or to generating a new one.
3. User shall not provide access to his/her account to a third party.

§10 Invoices:
1. Invoices are issued after 7 days from the date when payment was received.
2. By default invoices are able to download from website (as attached PDF).

§11 Complaints:
1. All complaints shall be sent to info@Gretor sms.com
2. If the SMS “delivery” is to be refunded please provide Gretor sms with message ID number that failed.
3. Complaints are considered 7 days after delivery date.
4. Additional credits might be granted as a compensation if a complaint is recognized.

§12 Final provision
1. Gretor sms reserves the right to change this regulations without notice.
2. Gretor sms reserves the right to monitor, store and archive messages as well as IP addresses from which “delivery” of SMS messages was done.
3. The data is stored in case of any conviction or any breach of regulations including reporting evidence to the Police or court.