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Sending messages to notification admins

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You can send messags to Gretor SMS notification administrators via Advanced API. All you have to do is to enter specific administrator identifiers into the admins parameter. You can find this identifier in the admin manager.

Example of the request:

POST /api/1.0/advanced/promotional HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Cache-Control: no-cache

    "application_id": "APPLICATION_ID",
    "application_token": "APPLICATION_TOKEN",   
    "admins": [154, 975],
    "text": "Hi <first_name>, it is nice to meet you. <email>",

It is possible to add variables in the text that will be replaced by specific admin values before sending the message.

The final message then looks like this:

Hi Thomas, it is nice to meet you.

Here is the complete list of variables:

<first_name> First name
<last_name> Last name
<phone_number> Phone number
<email> Email address