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Where can I see sent and unfinished campaigns?

To see all your campaigns:

  1. Click SMS in the menu
  2. Click Campaigns

When a campaign is unfinished you can either edit it or delete it by clicking on the appropriate icon.

When a campaign is sent you can see its campaign history, campaign dashboard, and if it is Smart SMS campaign, you can even edit its campaign offer.

How do I know if recipients have received a message, and how can I see statistics of a campaign?

To see statistics of a campaign:

  1. Click SMS in the menu
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Click on the campaign dashboard icon of a chosen campaign that has been sent

Now you see what the total cost of your campaign was, how many messages were sent, delivered and much more.

Every campaign dashboard has also its own inbox. Depending on the sender type, your recipients can reply to your message and their replies can be seen in the campaign dashboard.