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Offer options

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What are offer options and how can I set them up?

Depending on your offer you might want to include some or all of the offer options. Offer options menu has 4 different sub options: price, quantity, expiration, and request order


If you activate the price option you may set up original price, new price, discount and currency by simply typing in the option window. You don’t have to write the percentage (%) symbol in the discount option. Use currency symbols or abbreviations for the currency option.

Note that you don’t have to fill all of the option windows. If you want you can fill only the new price and its currency option, or only the discount option. It all depends on your needs.

All these options can be personalized as mentioned in how to personalize your offer.


If you activate the quantity option, you can set up quantity and its units. You can use this option when, for example, you have only limited number of products you are offering. It is important to fill in units so people can understand the offer.

Both these options can be personalized as mentioned in how to personalize your offer.


If your offer is time limited, you can activate Expiration option. Simply select a date of expiration and its time. Select a time zone according to which is the expiration directed.

If you want, you can choose to show the expiration in form of a time countdown, or a date. If you select one of these two options, you can also type an expiration title.

Request order

When you activate the request order option, order form pops up at the bottom of the offer window which you can edit and adjust to your needs.

Read more about order form.