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Scheduling campaign

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How to schedule my campaign and set a correct time and date?

In your campaign, you can either send all your messages immediately after you click Send at the end a campaign, set sending restrictions, or set a schedule sending for your campaign.

To set a schedule for a campaign:

  1. Reach the second step of SMS campaign or third step of Smart SMS campaign, respectively
  2. Click on Schedule Sending
  3. Set up date and time when you want to send your campaign
  4. Select a time zone according to which is the previous step directed

Where can I see my scheduled campaign?

To have an overview of your scheduled campaigns:

  1. Click on SMS in the menu
  2. Click on Scheduled
  3. Now you see all your scheduled campaigns

If you wish to delete a scheduled campaign, click Delete Campaign on the right side of the listed campaign. The campaign will not be initiated as planned.