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Can I communicate directly with a customer?

You are able to interact with your customers directly and receive their reactions through two-way SMS.

To use two-way SMS, you must choose the correct sender ID type in the second step of SMS campaign or third step of Smart SMS campaign, respectively.

However, be aware that two-way SMS may not be supported in some countries and/or by a specific sender ID type. To see whether your designated country and/or sender ID type supports two-way communication, see our SMS pricing.

Where can I see a response from my customer?

If you selected one of the sender ID types that supports two-way SMS communication with your customers in your designated country (see the SMS pricing to make sure it is the case), you can see their responses in:

  • Inbox (in the menu)

    Your customers‘ responses to your message go to Inbox when you use one of the following sender ID type: System number or Short code
  • Your mobile phone inbox Your customers‘ responses to your message go to your mobile phone inbox when you use: Own number sender ID

Text sender ID is not supported for Two-way SMS communication.