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Where can I see my messaging history?

Gretor SMS keeps track of your bulk SMS and SMS notifications activity and provides you with a messaging history list for you convenience.

To find messaging history:

  1. Click SMS in the menu
  2. Click History
  3. See additional information about history in order to understand it better

Note that by default you see messaging history of the past 30 days. However, you can change this by choosing a specific date in the left-upper corner of the history window.

You can also filter your messaging history according to other filters such as phone number, status of the campaign and others, by clicking Select filter in the right-upper corner.

How can I export my messaging history?

To export your history:

  1. Click SMS in the menu
  2. Click History
  3. Click on the date filter in the left-upper corner and select a date
  4. Optionally, select other filters, such as status, in the right-upper corner
  5. Now you see your filtered messaging history. It is worth understanding what information history list provides before you go to the next step
  6. Click Export Selected to download CSV file either for the whole list or for an individual SMS campaign

What information can I find in history?

SMS history list contains numerous information about your sent bulk SMS and SMS notifications.

The history list displays in default format:

  • Product: shows whether you sent your text messages through Gretor SMS Panel, Gretor SMS APIs, or one of our SMS modules
  • Recipient: shows a recipient’s number, country and operator. If you sent bulk SMS message through Gretor SMS Panel, or SMS module, it shows whether it was SMS campaign, or Smart SMS campaign. However, in this case you need to click on the line first in order to see the whole list or recipients of your campaign
  • Status of your sent message
  • Price in form of credits

Furthermore, if you click on an individual line, you can see additional info such as:

  • A message text
  • SMS ID: read more about SMS ID
  • Routes: your bulk SMS campaigns are sent through promotional route, SMS notifications are sent through transactional route, respectively
  • Sender type: read more about sender type

What is SMS ID and where can I find it?

Every text message has a unique SMS ID. This identification can be useful if you have a problem with delivering SMS messages. By providing an SMS ID to us we can solve the problem with the carrier. However, be aware that an SMS ID must not be older than two days.

To find an SMS ID:

  • Click SMS in the menu
  • Click History
  • Click on a line with a message you have issues with
  • Copy SMS ID
  • Go to Technical support
  • Paste the SMS ID to the message window and contact our support