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Purchasing credit

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What are credits? Do they expire?

Credits are the virtual currency on Gretor SMS Gateway and its services – SMS Panel, SMS plugins and SMS APIs. If you want to create SMS campaign for example, you must have a sufficient balance of credits on your account first. See how to buy credits. Also, before you buy credits, check the SMS price list and calculate your next campaign cost.

Please note that credits don’t have any expiration date. They disappear only when you spend them.

How can I buy credits?

To buy credits:

  1. You can either:
    • Go to Price list (in the left menu) > click Buy credit
    • Go to Payments > Buy credit
    • Hover over your credit balance in the top-right corner > click Top Up
  2. Choose a payment method and send money
  3. After we receive your payment your credit balance will be topped up. This depends on the selected payment option

Fill in your billing information first if you want us to generate invoices for you.


See the SMS price list first in the left side menu and calculate how much money your campaign will cost