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Offer personalization

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How can I personalize an offer?

To personalize your offer:

  1. Go to the second step of Smart SMS campaign
  2. Unwrap Personalize offer under the description window
  3. Use any of the available options in this menu in order to personalize your offer. Note, however, that this menu has two parts. The upper one represents contact information you inserted to Gretor SMS. The lower one represents your personal information. You can include both of them in your personalization

Please note that if you lack any data for the selected recipient variables, the recipient who you lack the data for will see an offer without the selected variable. In other words, if want to write a headline or a description “Perfect shoes for you, “, and you filled the first name for only 50% of the recipients, the variable will be empty for 50% of your recipients. Half of your recipients will therefore see the offer like this “Perfect shoes for you, “.

  • If you miss any data for a variable you would like to use, you can hover over the variable and click “Set default variable for x% contacts.” Now enter a default value for the selected variable. This default variable will be used instead of an empty space.