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Using price list

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How to use price list?

It is always good to know SMS price in a country where you want to send SMS campaign to. Gretor SMS pricing gives you a total overview of how much SMS cost for every sender ID type and operator in every country we operate. Additionally, you can see whether the specific sender ID type allows you to have two-way communication with your customers, whether you need to register a specific sender type first and what the costs are.

It also lets you calculate how much you will pay for your upcoming SMS campaign and SMS notifications, and shows you bonus offers that you can reach.

How to use price calculator?

Price calculator helps you see how many SMS messages you will be able to send after you enter the amount you want to invest, or how much you need to invest after you enter how many SMS messages you want to send. Price calculator can also suggest bonus offers based on different top-up amount levels, so you spend less money on your campaigns.

To use the price calculator:

  1. Choose sender type
  2. Either enter the amount you want to invest, or the number of SMS messages you want to send
  3. Now, you can see how many messages you can send for the entered amount, or how much money you need to invest for the desired amount of SMS messages
  4. Depending on the top-up amount level, the calculator will display bonus offers you can reach if you pay a little extra
  5. Click on All operators to see SMS prices for all operators