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What is a sender type and how can I use it?

You, as a sender who initiates the communication, have different options how to present yourself to your customers, staff and others. In other words, when a recipient opens your message, he/she will immediately see who sent the message.

Gretor SMS has 4 types of sender, however some of them might not be available in your country. Check our SMS price list in order to see what sender type can be used in your desired country.

System number

System Number is a phone number which you can‘t modify. Your recipient can receive a message from a long phone number, short code, or text number.

Short code

Short code is a short phone number which you can’t modify. Your recipient will receive a message from a short number (e.g. 2576).

Text sender ID

Text sender ID allows you to use a unique text for example a company name that appears instead of a phone number (e.g., The maximum number of characters is 11.

Own Number Sender ID

Own Number Sender ID allows you to use your own phone number which is subsequently displayed in the delivered SMS. Recipient can text or call you directly on this number.

  • To use Own Number, you first need to verify your number in your user profile

See how you can use two-way communication with your customers and where you can see your customers’ messages.

Check our SMS price list in order to see what sender type can be used for two-way SMS messaging in your desired country.

How can I set up different sender types for each country?

For each country, you can set up different sender types. If you therefore send SMS campaign to two countries simultaneously, and you have already set up sender ID profile for the countries, the sender type that you have assigned to the individual country will be used. For example, if you send SMS campaign to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic and use text sender, recipients in Czech Republic will see different text sender than your recipients in Slovakia (if you of course set it up in the Sender ID profiles).

To set up different sender types:

  1. Click SMS in the left menu on Gretor SMS Panel
  2. Click Sender ID profiles
  3. Click Add nre profile
  4. Enter profile’s name and click Create
  5. Click on the generated profile
  6. Select country
  7. Select profile sender type. You only see sender types that are available in the selected country
  8. Review and click Save
  9. You may repeat step 6-8 and assign sender types for other countries

How can I select sender type for SMS campaign?

In the second step of SMS campaign, 3rd step in the Smart SMS campaign respectively, you have the option to select sender type.

However, be aware that if you select sender type that is not available in the country, the system number (sender type) will be automatically used for recipients in this country. To avoid this, please see the price list to see which sender types are available in your desired country.

Also, see how to set up different sender types for different countries.