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What is an order form and how can I activate it?

Order form enables you to collect contact information from people that expressed interest in your offer. When somebody fills the order form, it becomes visible in your order list.

To activate an order form:

  1. Go to the second step of Smart SMS campaign
  2. Activate Request order, the order form pops up at the end of the offer window
  3. Click Edit
  4. Change the form headline
  5. Select items you want to include in your order form and label/translate them accordingly
  6. Select whether an item is required to be filled
  7. Click Show preview to make sure your order form is correct
  8. Click Save as new
  9. Enter a name of the form and click OK

After you have saved your new order form, you can use it in your next Smart SMS campaign by simply clicking on the arrows in the order form.