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Importing contacts via CSV/Excel

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How do I import contacts to Address book via CSV/Excel?

To import contacts to your address book via CSV/Excel:

  1. Go to Address book
  2. Click Import contacts
  3. Select CSV/Excel method
  4. Choose your file by clicking on Choose File
  5. Choose if you want to add the contacts to an existing group or add to a new group. You can leave those options blank
  6. Assign a country to your contacts. This will automatically add a prefix of the selected country to all recipients with numbers in national format only. All internationally formatted numbers (with prefix) stay untouched
  7. Select if you want to skip or rewrite existing contacts
  8. Click Upload
  9. Assign a function to any column you want. Data from these columns can be used in message personalization or offer personalization. It is mandatory to select which of the column contains mobile phone numbers
  10. Click Save

Read more if you have numbers in national format only, or both national and international format.