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Creating SMS campaign

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What is bulk SMS campaign?

Bulk SMS, also known as bulk messaging or bulk text messaging, enables you to disseminate personalized SMS messages to thousands of people you are trying to reach. Bulk SMS messaging is typically used for marketing purposes, alerts, information and communication with both your customers and staff.

Bulk messaging is highly effective as nearly all recipients read the delivered message. You can also increase the chance that your recipients read the message by activating Flash SMS in your SMS campaign.

It is simple to create and send bulk SMS campaign via our SMS gateway and generate revenues with low operational costs.

You can also create and send bulk SMS campaigns via our SMS plugins or our SMS APIs.

How do I create SMS campaign?

To create SMS campaign:

  1. Click SMS in the menu
  2. Click Create campaign
  3. Select SMS – Bulk SMS campaign
  4. Enter a name for your campaign
  5. Click Create campaign